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mx2000 Rental


  • mx2000 trailers are available to rent for as little as 1 month and as long as your tour runs. The longer the term; the better the rate.
  • Mobilexhibit also rents tent canopy frames, trailer moving dollies, generators, TVs and other selected properties.
  • All pricing is based on a standard mx2000.
  • Available accessories will be subject to additional rental costs. Not all accessories are available on rental units.
  • All upgrades and custom elements will be subject to additional production costs.
  • Rental fleet supply is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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mx2000 Rentals

1.0 Conditions and Term of Rental
1.1 The minimum rental term is one (1) month.
1.2 The customer must maintain comprehensive insurance on the trailer at all times, including personal injury and liability, and must name Mobilexhibit as additional insured. Proof of insurance will be required at time of pick up.
1.3 Mobilexhibit must do all custom trailer outfitting to ensure that the structural integrity of the trailer is maintained. The cost of any custom outfitting required by the customer will be quoted on a case by case basis.
2.0 Payment and Terms
2.1 We will apply 50% of rental payments toward a subsequent purchase of the same items.
2.2 Rental costs begin to accrue when the trailer unit leaves our premises.
2.3 The cost of custom outfitting will be invoiced before the trailer leaves our premises and are due upon receipt unless other payment arrangements have been made in advance.
2.4 We require a refundable damage deposit, due on signing. The trailer will be inspected upon return to confirm that it and any other rented accessories are in good working order. Any and all damage to the unit or rented accessories will be charged to the customer, including labour and costs to repair and/or replace.
2.5 Unused damage deposit amounts will be applied to any outstanding rental costs. Any remaining damage desposit amount will be refunded.
2.6 Terms and conditions apply
3.0 Point of Delivery
3.1 F.O.B. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
3.2 Additional shipping and handling at customer's expense.