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  • Double axle trailer with running lights, brake, turn and backup lights, and hydraulic surge brakes.
  • Small enough to go through a set of institutional size 3'x 7' doors—into just about any indoor sales venue.
  • Mount complex high-tech displays which would otherwise be economically or logistically impractical.

Product description

The Mobilexhibit mx2000 is a specially-engineered trailer designed to reduce the costs associated with trade show and event marketing. mx2000 displays are totally prepared in advance. One person can transport and operate a sophisticated, pre-programmed demonstration of your equipment or services.

Use your display at indoor and outdoor venues year-round and maximize your investment, exposure and impact. The mx2000 packs 200 square feet of interchangeable displays—big enough to deliver motivating and informative presentations. Mobilexhibit's unique curb appeal attracts a crowd wherever you go.

Molded fiberglass construction is durable and weather-resistant: your exhibit is safe in a waterproof, shock-resistant and dust free unit. The mx2000 universal extruded aluminum channel system is compatible with Octanorm™, making it simple to redesign and upgrade your exhibit.

Companies that use an mx2000 as their tradeshow exhibit have found that after about 10 shows they've accrue enough savings in reduced operating expenses to completely recoup the initial investment because mx2000 operating costs are substantially lower than a typical tradeshow exhibit.

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mx2000 Examples

mx2000 Dimensions & Base Configuration

The Mobilexhibit mx2000 is a specially-engineered double axle trailer designed to reduce the costs of trade show and event marketing. Molded fiberglass construction is durable and weather-resistant, reducing maintenance costs. Payload capacity of 2000 lb. with 44 cu. ft. of belly-box storage space.

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mx2000 Options & Accessories

Optional upgrades include tent canopy (with and without graphics), custom printed wheel skirts and door skirts, generator or deep-cycle batteries with charger, custom lighting and electrical distribution, custom interior and exterior graphics, TVs, sound systems and tablet computers.

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mx2000 Alternative Configurations

The mx2000 can be used in any number of configurations by adjusting the door opening angles and adding door spanning elements. The basic configurations are 1-sided and 2-sided, but alternatives include several 3-sided and 4-sided configurations, potentially doubling the available display area.

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mx2000 Rental Information & Terms

By the year, month or week. Rental fleet supply is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Not all accessories are available on mx2000 rental units. Upgrades and accessories are an extra charge.

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Why mx2000?

  • Eliminate costly installation and dismantling expenses
  • Reconfigurable—use the same exhibit at large & small shows
  • Rapid set-up—just unlock the doors and connect to a power source
  • The compact mx2000 is easy to handle, safe and smooth running
  • Use year-round to maximize your investment, exposure and impact
  • Secure and self-contained: just lock the doors and walk away
  • Available with non-polluting CleanSine mobile power system