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Deployment & Trip Checklist

Opening and Deploying Exhibit

  1. Lower the four stabilizer supports with the crank handle.
  2. Secure tongue/swivel jack in operating position with locking pin, raise trailer off tow ball, then lower trailer onto stabilizers.
  3. Level trailer to ensure proper door alignment and table height, using the tongue/swivel jack for all lifting.
  4. Remove four (4) canopy hold-down knobs at the two main signage canopies and raise fully.
  5. Unlock and open all doors, setting angle with door stays.
  6. Undo latch, release two leg catches and lower folding table(s).
  7. Undo retainer wing-nuts, release and remove door-posts.
  8. Remove door-top signage panels and retaining hardware from storage and affix in place, if applicable.
  9. Connect power cords and switch both circuit breakers ON.


Opening & Deploying Exhibit

Stowing Exhibit for Travel

  1. Switch both circuit breakers OFF and disconnect power cords.
  2. Fold-up table & support leg and lock securely in position, if applicable.
  3. Remove door-top signage panel retaining hardware and carefully place signage panels and hardware in storage compartment or case as applicable.
  4. Remove and store any loose articles and ensure all cabinet doors are locked.
  5. Re-install door posts and ensure wingnut is securely tightened.
  6. Loosen door stays, close doors and ensure they are latched.
  7. Lower signage canopies and secure with hold-down knobs.
  8. Raise four corner stabilizer supports fully using crank handle.
  9. Using the tongue/swivel jack, position tongue over tow vehicle hitch ball, lower into place and ensure latch is securely closed.
  10. Retract swivel jack, swing up 90 and secure with locking pin.
  11. Fasten safety chains and breakaway cable securely.

Trip Preparation Checklist
There are a number of simple rules to follow in caring for your trailer that can add to its life and, in the case of some of these rules, you my be protecting your own life as well. Using the following checklist before starting a trip with your Mobilexhibit trailer is highly recommended. Some of these items should be checked 2-3 weeks prior to a planned trip to allow sufficient time to perform needed maintenance.

  1. Check your maintenance schedule and be sure you are up-to-date.
  2. Check the hitch for wear. Is it properly lubricated?
  3. Inspect towing hookup for secure attachment.
  4. Inspect tires for proper inflation, cuts, excessive wear, etc.
  5. Check wheel mounting nuts with a torque wrench. Torque in proper sequence, to the levels specified in this manual.
  6. Check brake fluid level and make certain brakes are functioning properly.
  7. Check operation of all lights.

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